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handle TCA migrations on TYPO3 v9.5

Henri Nathanson requested to merge TrueType/content_replacer:master into master

Working with version 5.0.3.

  • RTE for field replacement
    • changed to current basic RTE field config
    • the uploads folder for images is dropped. EXT:ckeditor does not support images the way the old RTE did. I could not fully grasp the process here and if it is still necessary.
    • for our purposes we drop the RTE anyways as we only need simple text replacements without e.g. <p> tags added
  • category selection
    • the add-record wizard for simple select fields seems to be not supported any more. I changed it into a multiplesidebyside. Can add the wizard here. For lots of categories the search function is useful.
  • I did not add icons...
  • language behaviour for field stdwrp I am not to sure. As it is now it copies the default language values into the translations. The value can be translated, if wanted.
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