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Backend users who don't have this check box selected, will be in override mode by default
and they can't switch to another mode.
## Usage
### Editing modes
There are three editing modes:
- Extension mode
- l10n mode
- Override mode
They can be chosen from rightmost select menu on top of the screen.
The select menu is visible only for administrators. #
If user is not admin, **Override mode** is chosen by default. For administrators the default is the **Extension mode**.
###### Extension mode
This mode is useful for extension developers, because in this mode the **lfeditor** edits the extension files directly.
Even if copies of extension files exist in l10n folder or extension files are overridden,
**lfeditor** will still edit the extension files only.
###### l10n mode
This mode is similar to extension mode with the only difference being that the l10n directory has higher priority than the
extension directory. This means that if there is a copy of the language file in l10n folder (e.g. de.locallang),
that copy will be edited instead of original extension file. If there is no corresponding file in l10n folder the original file will be edited.
Here are some of characteristics of l10n mode:
- Files can't be moved to the l10n folder. They can be edited if they already exist in l10n folder
- Merging/splitting is not allowed in l10n mode
- Renaming of a constant will rename it in the main language file (e.g. ext/.../locallang)
and in all subfiles in the **l10n** (e.g. l10n/.../de.locallang) and **ext** folder
- Deleting and adding files work similar to renaming
###### Override mode
The purpose of this mode is making translations unaffected by changes in an extension
(e.g. when extension updates the translations will be preserved). This mode is useful for translators and is the only mode available for non-admin users.
- If a user makes any changes in a language file, only the changed constants (or meta data) will be saved in the corresponding language file in **typo3confLFEditorOverrideFiles**
- When reading language file, LFEditor is first reading constants from files in override folder,
then it reads rest of constants from l10n folder (if there is corresponding file in l10n folder), and then reads from ext folder (if there was no file in l10n folder).
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