Commit 496ca4d4 authored by Kevin Ditscheid's avatar Kevin Ditscheid

[BUGFIX] Fix the root path selection of the backend module

parent 84dca007
......@@ -202,7 +202,14 @@ class RouteController extends ActionController {
$rootOptionRows = $queryBuilder->select('*')
$queryBuilder->expr()->eq('is_siteroot', $queryBuilder->createNamedParameter(1, \PDO::PARAM_INT))
'sys_language_uid', $queryBuilder->createNamedParameter(0, \PDO::PARAM_INT)
'is_siteroot', $queryBuilder->createNamedParameter(1, \PDO::PARAM_INT)
$rootOptions = [];
foreach ($rootOptionRows as $row) {
......@@ -10,11 +10,10 @@
<f:for each="{pages}" as="page">
<tr data-uid="{page.uid}">
<td nowrap="nowrap" class="col-title">
<a href="#" onclick="sgRouteGoToPage({page.uid}, '{page.path}'); return false;">
<sg:backend.icon table="pages" row="{page}" clickMenu="0" /> {page._thePathFull}
<f:link.action action="list" additionalParams="{id: page.uid}">
<core:iconForRecord table="pages" row="{page}" />
......@@ -22,4 +21,4 @@
\ No newline at end of file
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