Commit fe7798cc authored by Kevin von Spiczak's avatar Kevin von Spiczak
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[TASK] remove redundant markup

The icon viewhelper returns the surrounding markup already, we don't need it twice.
parent c7b89503
......@@ -92,12 +92,7 @@
<f:link.action class="btn btn-default btn-send-now"
controller="Queue" action="sendMail"
arguments="{uid: mail.uid, selectedTemplate: selectedTemplateKey, selectedExtension: selectedExtensionKey}">
class="t3js-icon icon icon-size-small icon-state-default actions-document-import-t3d">
<span class="icon-markup">
<core:icon identifier="actions-document-import-t3d"/>
<core:icon identifier="actions-document-import-t3d"/>
<f:translate key="backend.send_now"/>
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