Commit 4f0a0edf authored by Matthias Adrowski's avatar Matthias Adrowski
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[FEATURE] Allow for adding files from path

This feature is only usable if the e-mail will be sind right away,
so set $this->setIgnoreMailQueue(TRUE); otherwise, you need to hand
over a correct File and FileReference
parent 861c703a
......@@ -408,6 +408,18 @@ class MailTemplateService {
return $this;
* Allows adding a file from filePath, only use this Function with
* setIgnoreMailQueue(TRUE)
* @param string $path
* @param string|null $name
* @param string|null $contentType
public function addFileFromFilePathForDirectSending(string $path, string $name = null, string $contentType = null){
$this->mailMessage->attachFromPath($path, $name, $contentType);
* @return MailMessage
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