Commit 45f2e835 authored by sgalinsk's avatar sgalinsk

[BUGFIX] tx_ttnews_imageMarker hook doesn't use tt_news flexform size values

Fixes: #29289

git-svn-id: 735d13b6-9817-0410-8766-e36946ffe9aa
parent f056ee68
......@@ -41,6 +41,11 @@ class tx_ttnews_imageMarker extends tslib_pibase {
$this->conf = &$tt_news->conf;
if ($tt_news->config['FFimgH'] || $tt_news->config['FFimgW']) {
$lConf['image.']['file.']['maxW'] = $tt_news->config['FFimgW'];
$lConf['image.']['file.']['maxH'] = $tt_news->config['FFimgH'];
return $parentMarkerArray;
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