Commit c71c7b08 authored by damjan's avatar damjan

[BUGFIX] Using 'en' as default if default language is empty

Using english as default language on editFile page if default typo3 language is empty.
This allows that editFile page content is shown in case when english is not default language in typo3 instance, but it has language constants and there are no constants in the default language of typo3 instance.
parent 6ca0b499
......@@ -132,6 +132,9 @@ class EditFileController extends AbstractBackendController {
$langPattern = is_array($langData[$patternList]) ? $langData[$patternList] : array();
$langDefault = is_array($langData[$extConfig['defaultLanguage']])
? $langData[$extConfig['defaultLanguage']] : array();
if (empty($langDefault)) {
$langDefault = is_array($langData['en']) ? $langData['en'] : array();
$langDataSessionContinued = $buttonType != 3;
if ($buttonType === 0) {
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