Commit 543b25c4 authored by Kevin Ditscheid's avatar Kevin Ditscheid

[BUGFIX] Fix the custom configuration file path fetching

This commit fixes a bug with the file path if a custom configuration
file has been configured, but is missing initially, so it can be
created automatically later on in the execution.
parent 4f227192
......@@ -186,7 +186,7 @@ class ConfigurationService extends AbstractService {
if (isset($this->extConfig['pathAdditionalConfiguration']) && $this->extConfig['pathAdditionalConfiguration']) {
$pathAdditionalConfiguration = Typo3Lib::fixFilePath($this->extConfig['pathAdditionalConfiguration']);
$this->extConfig['pathAdditionalConfiguration'] = \realpath(PATH_site . $pathAdditionalConfiguration);
$this->extConfig['pathAdditionalConfiguration'] = PATH_site . $pathAdditionalConfiguration;
$additionalConfigurationDirectory = \dirname($this->extConfig['pathAdditionalConfiguration']);
if (!\is_writable($additionalConfigurationDirectory)) {
$message = 'Directory ' . $additionalConfigurationDirectory . ' is not writable.'
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