Commit 35e09c90 authored by damjan's avatar damjan

[BUGFIX] Showing default translation beneath each text box on editFile page

parent 6f63c24f
......@@ -212,7 +212,7 @@ class EditFileController extends AbstractBackendController {
// save information about the constant
$constValues[$constant]['edit'] = preg_replace('/<br.*>/U', "\n", $editLangVal);
$constValues[$constant]['pattern'] = preg_replace('/<br.*>/U', "\n", $editPatternVal);
$constValues[$constant][$extConfig['defaultLanguage']] = $langDefault[$constant];
$constValues[$constant]['default'] = $langDefault[$constant];
} while (++$sessionLangDataConstantsIterator % $numConstantsPerPage);
$this->session->setDataByKey('langfileEditNewLangData', $langfileEditNewLangData);
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