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[FEATURE] add note about the installation script

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......@@ -39,6 +39,15 @@ Here is what you get in detail:
* .jshintrc | The configuration file for jshint
* .scss-lint.yml | The configuration file for Scss-Linters
### The install script
Since version 4.0.0, the toolchain comes with an installation shell-script. The purpose of this script is to easily set
up the correct version of Node and gulp and to install the toolchains dependencies in one single step.
While this might not seem important during the initial creation of a project, it is rather handy when setting up the
development environment at another machine. After checking out the repository of your project, your fellow co-workers
will simply have to execute the in order to get the toolchain up and running.
### Useful tasks
#### Updating / Installing the toolchains dependencies
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