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[TASK] add node installation instructions for linux

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## Installation
* [Install Node](docs/
To use the sgalinski-generator you need to have node and npm installed. Furthermore, you should have
yeoman, gulp and bower installed globally. To do so, simply run
# Install Node
Depending on your Operating System, there are several ways to install Node. The recommended way is to install it via
NVM (Node Verison Manager).
## Linux
To install NVM, execute on of the following commands:
use curl:
$ curl | bash
or wget:
$ wget -qO- | bash
Once the installation process finished, run the following command:
$ source ~/.profile
To install a specific version of Node, you can run 'nvm install [node-version]'. To install the latest stable version, run:
$ nvm install stable
Finally, to make 'stable' the default version, run:
$ nvm alias default stable
To test if the installation was successful, run
$ node -v
$ npm -v
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